Dioramas I built for myself that are in my private collection (Studio/Office) and are not for sale.


These dioramas have all been destroyed.

Movie Maniacs” was to have a sequel diorama created with more toys from the series.
Other dioramas using Universal Monsters were to be made inside another shelf all put together.
It was decided to gut this out and separate each figure into its own standalone diorama.
Each one of the figures in this diorama were separated into their own dioramas.

Jason, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger have been sold separately.

The rest are  for sale. You can view The Mummy HERE, The Wolfman HERE, and Hunchback HERE.

Mos Eisley Cantina” never felt right. It was decided to reconstruct it from scratch, I was never happy with how it turned out.
It was crude and not true to the movie set, it was made by pausing the VHS movie and sketching from that.
The new one was built using actual blue prints from the set and pictures from the web. The New diorama was built using the same wood frame and has been completed and can be seen HERE.

The X-Files” Diorama was to be remodeled but it was decided to completely gut it out of its book shelf installation.

The new X-Files diorama using these figures has been built. it is 4 ft long and is currently for sale. you can view it HERE.

Sleepy Hollow” at the time I made it I fell in love with the movie and the toys.
I decided I could part with it and made a smaller sectional piece of just the tree and horseman which was sold and can be seen HERE.

Other sectional pieces will be made from these toys to be sold in 2018