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– DIORIO Diorama Workshop = “Lord of the Rings” diorama Featured/Pictures

#KruegerJack at Son of Monsterpalooza 2018 = WetMovie (seen at the 14:56 mark)

DIORIO Diorama Workshop = Featured/Pictures

Temple of Geek = Artist Spotlight Q&A Interview


1th Media = Video segment plus puppeteering (seen at 13:41 mark)

Axial Skeleton = Video Interview (Seen at 7:55 Mark).

Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter = showcasing dioramas.

– Marsham Toy Hour Podcast = Interview


Adam Savage’s TESTED = “Featured Maker” video interview with Norm (7:07)

YouKu (Chinese Vlog/Mandarin Subtitles) = Video Interview (1:37)

– Axial Skeleton = Video Interview.

The LA Beat = Mention/Pictures.

“Jackorama! What can I say about Jack Venturo—creator of some of the best, well, no the actual best dioramas I have ever had the pleasure and adventure to behold. He is the reason I attended in the first place but I never quite got wind of his story… This time ‘round, you’d better bet your sweet Bippy it happened” – Jennifer K. Hugus

An Englishman in San Diego = Live Report & Interview. (2 parts at 20:00 & 36:00 mark)

Adam Savage’s TESTED = Norm and Frank do a walking tour of Designercon. (seen at 2:00 mark)

The Nerd Element = Mention & Picture.

Halluciskation = YouTube Video. (1:43 mark)

2015 = Interview by Dan Berry “Behind the Figure”

Adam Savage’s TESTED = Dcon Photo Album (Several Pictures)

Adam Savage’s TESTED = Norm & Frank do a walking tour of Designercon. (seen at 2:56 mark)


The Con Fluence Podcast = Mention (8:00 Mark to 10:31)

Angry Koala Gear = Mention/Picture

“Great Yo! Freddy Krueger diorama by Jackorama. We had the privilege of having Jackorama do a custom diorama with our own Obscure’s From the Mind of Madness series pieces.” – Angry Koala

The Comics Beat = Mention/Pictures

“First you see the adorable art of Unicorn Crafts and then turn around to look at the zealously detailed horror dioramas of Jackorama” – The Beat

Cherry Davis = YouTube Clip “Geeking Out at DCon” (2:26 Mark)

Parks & Cons = YouTube Clip “Review & Overview” (6:48 Mark)

Parks & Cons = YouTube Clip “Horror All Stars”

Parks & Cons = YouTube Clip “The Last Empire”


Pixelated Geek = Pictures

Parks & Cons = YouTube Clip (12:30 Mark)

Art Nerd Los Angeles = Article/Picture

“This is basically the best thing. I really love how Jackorama takes the piss out of popular culture. Brilliant.” – Art Nerd

The L.A. Beat = Article/Pictures

“I almost forgot to go to one last display (but not really)—booth 209, that of my newfound friend I have met upon entry, Jack Venturo in the guise of “Jackorama”—a veritable festival of dioramas. Though I have loved many displays, this one takes the cake and is the perfect cherry on the proverbial ice cream Sundae that has been today’s lunch, dinner and dessert all in one! Moreover, dioramas have always intrigued me since I was a little girl for their homemade dollhouse appeal and later as an actress for their miniature stage/set emulation. Jack Venturo is not present but his friend and writing partner John is. He informs me that while he and Jack write screenplays, Jack always loved making dioramas as a child. Eventually he started getting recognition for his work and now whenever he finds an action figure, he enjoys creating scenes from various movies surrounding it. My favorites would have to be the scenes featuring Han Solo encased in carbonite, Boba Fett waiting at a bus stop in front of a very active Sarlacc pit and the “Psycho” house mounted on an all-too-organic looking hill.” – Jennifer K. Hugus (The LA Beat)


iCNN with Cherry Davis = YouTube Video


iCNN with Cherry Davis = YouTube Video (11:50 Mark)

Reality & Reverie = Mention/Picture

“Doris Vader. This was by far the highlight of DCon for me. Artist Jack Venturo a.k.a Jackorama had a beautiful sculpture of a more delightful take on our favorite villain. Eye catching, it was, and sadly tagged as “SOLD” You can see more of Jack’s work on his website. Believe it or not, a little birdie told me that Jack is a set designer on Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, very suiting given his great work with figurines.”  – Reality & Reverie